Discover Ultra High Definition by Thomson

    Welcome to the age of Ultra High Definition

    THOMSON Ultra HD televisions deliver a resolution of 3840 x 2160, that’s a resolution four times greater than a Full HD television (1920 x 1080).

    Discover images with unparalleled realism

    Concerned about detail?
    Ultra HD offers a resolution of more than 8 million pixels, four times more than Full HD ... The result is perfect picture accuracy and incomparable sharpness. You won't miss any details!

    Extra depth for total immersion

    You'll be surprised by the depth of feeling provided by your Ultra High Definition TV, sometimes very close to a 3D vision for image showing different fields of vision.

    Ultra HD provides unparalleled sharpness to the picture's outlines. This increases the depth of field, which is to say the scope of the various shots, which then become needle sharp.

    Enjoy very large images, just like at the cinema

    Thanks to Ultra HD, you can indulge yourself with a bigger screen! With the increased definition, you get a very wide picture while maintaining the highest quality: the pixels, which are almost 2 times smaller than in Full HD, are imperceptible to the naked eye. So you can get closer to the screen and enjoy a more immersive experience, just like at the movies!

    With Ultra HD, the recommended viewing distance for optimal image quality and comfortable viewing is divided by 2 when compared with Full HD, dropping from 2.6 times to only 1.3 times the screen diagonal.

    Example : for a 55’’ (140 cm) 4K Ultra HD TV, the minimum viewing distance will be 1.8 m instead of 3.6 m with a Full HD TV with the same diagonal. So you get perfect picture quality even within 6 feet of your TV.

    See all your content in Ultra HD

    Now you can enjoy better image quality. Video playback via the Thomson Ultra HD TV includes an “upscaling” function, which automatically optimises the signal to produce superior quality and give you an image close to native Ultra HD. So you get higher quality, in order to obtain a picture that is close to native Ultra HD.

    This function uses our latest generation Super Resolution EX algorithms. The structure of the picture, colors, textures... Your content is analyzed in real time and the information is restored if necessary (reduction of video noise and of the artifacts of compression, color gradations, dynamic contrasts are adjusted to be displayed in UHD).

    Whatever the quality of the source (TV, Blu-Ray, DVD), the image is adapted to the resolution of the screen, for your greater viewing pleasure.